Posted by: thewoobdog | August 2, 2013

Just a Quickie

Just a quick update – I promise I will elaborate further in the (hopefully-near) future.  The secret that I have been fighting to keep behind clenched lips is that for my hubby’s 50th birthday, we are going to London!  It’s the top on his list of places he’d like to visit (me, I’d probably pick somewhere more exotic, but I’m still excited), so for the past three or four years (because, you know, I kind of knew in advance that he’d be turning the big 5-0) I’ve been tucking away money whenever I could.  I did all the final planning, purchased tickets, found a hotel, etc, this spring and I made a little WalMart photobook with our itinerary, pictures of our hotel and the places we’d be visiting, general tourist information, etc, for him to open on his birthday.  Suffice it to say, he was surprised – I counted four “Are you kidding me?!” and three “No way!” comments while he flipped through the booklet, HAHA.  We’re going in October, so at some point around there expect to be inundated with pics from across the pond.


TBear’s Birthday Surprise

Notice the British-themed box I wrapped it in?  Thank you, TJ Maxx.


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