Posted by: thewoobdog | June 3, 2013

June Already?

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since March. Gaaaah. Slacker. Come to think of it, I haven’t done much of anything since March – tax season forcibly hijacked any semblance of focus or attention I had managed to cultivate and I’ve been pulled randomly from this thing to that thing ever since. I’ve started a lot of stuff and I have all these big plans to actually accomplish stuff over the next few months, but I have yet to actually follow through with anything in a realistic way. I figure a procrastinatory post is better than no post at all, so I thought I would write down the items in my mental scrapheap and maybe by listing them I’ll actually be inspired to, you know, do something to further them along:

I’ve started a couple of baby afghans, only one of which has any hope of being finished (I decided I hated the yarn for the other and cut my losses before I had too much time invested) – these are for my nephew who will be making his debut sometime in early August.  It’s much harder to find cute baby patterns to knit for little boys than for little girls, especially since I refuse to knit something for a baby that can be purchased cheaper, more practically, or cuter in a store.

I have big plans to eat right and get active this summer – my CSA share pickups started a couple of weekends ago so I have fresh, organic, local produce to work with every week, which I’m hoping will encourage me to start cooking lovely fresh meals again (a laudable habit that I unfortunately got out of in the craziness of tax season). I got out of the habit of doing Zumba during tax season, too, because I had to work so late most nights.  I want to start going to that again a couple of times a week, but I also re-activated my gym membership and I want to start doing cardio-weightlifting again at least twice a week.  I firmly believe that the purchase of a new iPod Nano will motivate me in my fitness endeavors (cute new toys are statistically proven to increase exercise time by at least 30%, right? Right?) (we will ignore the fact that by this reasoning, I would be a marathon-runner with 14% body fat, given my past purchases of whatever DVD-cute-weights-MP3-player-new-workout-clothes-matching-shoes-fun-accessories I just KNEW would motivate me to be all fit, all the time).

I want to plan a surprise (hopefully – watch him start reading my blog now when he hasn’t for five years) 50th birthday party for my husband (only a month left to get this one marked off – ack). It’s a milestone so I feel like I should go a little beyond the standard immediate-family-in-the-backyard-cookout thing (apparently dashes are my thing today – makes a nice change from my normal obsession with ellipses).  I get tired just thinking about it.  There’s no way we can do it at our house, so I have to somehow find another place to have it that will hold 40 or so people but not cost the earth.  I’m thinking for the food part of things that I’ll do a hot dog bar – I can grill/broil/pan-fry/steam/boil the hotdogs in advance and keep them warm in a covered pan on a grill or something, and put out every condiment and topping imaginable so people can just go to town and make whatever kind of trashy hot dog they want.  Then I can have guests bring whatever random side item they feel like making.  It’s the easiest, least-expensive option I can think of and hot dogs are one of his favorite foods, so it’s a win-win.

I’m trying to plan a surprise trip for his birthday – I won’t disclose any details here, just in case.

I have never in my life worn (or had any desire to wear) a shawl, but I have this new book that actually has patterns in it I like and I bought the yarn to do one.  I started one yesterday and I’d really like to finish it by fall (it’s in sort of autumn-y colors) – I know that sounds like plenty of time but I’m a very ADHD knitter. I am constantly distracted by new yarn or patterns. SQUIRREL.

I want to clear out my pantry – I have so much food in there that I’ve bought and then never used, and I’ve decided that from now on (ie, from the time I get around to cleaning out the crap I already have) I’m going to start just buying what I need when I need it.  Sales don’t save any money if you throw out or don’t use half of what you buy.  Ditto the fridge and freezer.  I have more blasted condiments in the fridge than I can count (how many kinds of mustard do I really need?  I mean, seriously).

I’m working on brushing up on my Spanish and learning French and German (the first I have a degree in, the latter two I had a couple of years in but never grew proficient).  Thankfully, this is made much easier by Duolingo, which I found out about from a presentation on – this is a fascinating video, you should totally go watch it (I promise, it is riveting stuff).  Who even thinks this way?  Brilliant, brilliant people. Seriously.  Blows my mind just thinking about it.  My small, small mind.

Wow.  This has actually turned into a legit blog post.  I love it when that happens.  I think I’ve rambled enough, so I’ll go now.  Hopefully I will not wait months to blog again.


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