Posted by: thewoobdog | August 23, 2012

“Pop That Coochie”

Bonus points if you recognize what movie quote that phrase is from.  Did you say Date Night?  Then you are correct:

Phil Foster: Honey, listen to me. You are a beautiful, strong woman. You are the mother of my children. Now, I want you to go in there and pop that coochie.
Claire Foster: Pop the coochie.
Phil Foster: Just pop it out.
Claire Foster: So we can go home.
Phil Foster: Let’s go pop it. Come on.
Claire Foster: For the kids.

Such a funny movie.  I can’t help but think of the club scene every time I go to Zumba – poor awkward Claire and Phil, trying to sexy-dance and utterly, but hilariously, failing. 

Zumba is seriously my new favorite thing – thankfully I found a class and instructor that I am comfortable with and who makes Zumba accessible to everyone, not just tiny bouncy hyperactive gym rats.  I have always secretly in my heart wanted to learn to dance, but it’s really hard to do that without dying of shame when you’re (a) overweight and (b) over twenty.  With Zumba, as long as you’re having fun and getting a workout, you’re doing it right, so it takes the pressure off because you don’t have to worry about failing or getting it wrong – you just find yourself grinning like an idiot (inwardly – I think outwardly my face probably either has a really ticked off look or a really sternly unfun look because I’m focusing so hard on following the instructor) and trying to follow along, and eventually you realize that on a few songs you’re actually succeeding in doing dance moves really truly on the beat.  It’s the most fun and liberating thing I’ve done since I lost a ton of weight and started snowboarding (which, since I gained most of the weight back, I haven’t been able to do in way too long). 

It’s so difficult as an overweight person to find physical activities that you can do that are also fun – I’m not saying that to whine, it’s just that that’s the key to sustainable physical activity for me.  When I lost weight before, I was active all the time – I rollerbladed, did two different styles of martial arts, snowboarded, biked, hiked, and was just moving and active constantly as part of my daily life because there were so many things I enjoyed doing.  When I got injured and then gained a lot of weight back due to undiagnosed thyroid issues, I found it was unsafe for me physically to do a lot of what I had done before – all that extra weight means that you hit the ground harder when you fall, and risk a great deal more injury, and also need a lot more muscle tone to move your body around in the ways you did before (just try wearing an extra hundred pounds around for a day and see how well you do).  Since then I’ve been desperately trying to find ways to exercise beyond the gym and the elliptical – don’t get me wrong, I love having the option to do the elliptical and do weight-lifting at the gym, but it’s really hard to get uber-motivated about doing it five times a week.  Zumba has become my fun cardio stress-reliever – I only wish I could do it more (there are only two classes a week in my area that aren’t during the day, and since I have a lovely 8:00-5:00 desk job I’m limited right now to just those two classes).  Still, the amount of awareness the instructor, me, my mom, and my coworkers have raised about the evening classes has resulted in them being scheduled twice a week instead of only once (yay Christie! Best Zumba instructor ever!), so who knows – maybe one day we’ll be able to throw another night or weekend in there!  Til then, Tuesday and Thursday are officially my favorite days of the week…


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