Posted by: thewoobdog | July 30, 2012

Best Foot Forward

[Warning: non-knitters will probably want to skip this first paragraph – my whinging about knitterly dilemmas is probably going to bore you to tears; whinging in later paragraphs is primarily concerned with my general failings as a realist and so may provide you more entertainment] That title handily serves as both the title of today’s post and the name of the project about which I’m blogging.  I started my second pair of socks yesterday – well, technically I started them Saturday, but we won’t talk about how many times I cast on, started, and ripped the yarn off the needles in frustration… Trying to do the stupid thing on three needles as written instead of four is just ridiculous, since the resulting triangle is impossible to work around because needle one has twice as many stitches as the other two, so the angles created by the needles are just a pain the behind to knit through.  Separating the instep stitches onto two needles made a huge difference – and it’s not like I can’t pack ’em back onto the one needle two months from now when I’m actually at the instep.  Once I worked through this seemingly obvious solution, I had to cast on and rip back a few more times while I agonized over needle size – 2.25 mm or 2.5 mm?  What to do, what to do?  I couldn’t add a pattern repeat, because adding fourteen stitches to a sock is definitely going to put it in the “slouchy sock” category, but I was afraid on the smaller needles it would end up too narrow and on the larger needles it would end up too loosely knit, so the resultant fabric wouldn’t be durable enough.  In the end, after obsessively searching Ravelry and seeing what everyone else knit this yarn on (2.5 mm), I decided I was just thinking about this way too much, so I went with the 2.5 mm.  If I get through half the leg on this thing and decide I need to frog it and start over on the smaller needles, I will be tiiiiiicked.  Until then, I’m very carefully not thinking about it. 

Anywho, this (the sock project) is the first in the series of Christmas projects I’m optimistically planning to knit.  I say optimistically, because since I’ve been going to the gym after work two days a week and going to Zumba after work once a week, and cooking dinner (after work) all the other days of the week, and doing laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and working out and entertaining and cleaning on the weekends, my knitting time equals about two hours a week (and that’s if I’m lucky enough to drag myself away to the Sit ‘n Knit at the local yarn store on Sunday, which has its own attendant risks of yarn-shopping and/or chatting instead of making any actual progress on my knitting).  If I could manage to convince someone to chauffeur me back and forth to work and errands (public transit up here being basically nonexistent), or if I could figure out a way to knit and Zumba, or knit and weightlift, or knit and clean, I’d be so much more productive… (and then, too, if I could convince my dear husband that me knitting while we watch TV does not mean I’m ignoring him – not that I can get much knitting done in low light of the TV, but still…)

Oh, and I should mention that this little project, which I started this weekend and which is intended as a gift five months from now, was cast on when what I should have been doing was casting on for a project that’s a gift for an occasion less than three weeks from today – a project that currently looks an awful lot like an untouched ball of yarn sitting on my table, but which I have deluded myself into thinking I’m perfectly able to complete in three weeks (see my above lack-of-knitting-time issue for why this is such an idiotic idea).  Never mind the fact that part of my whole plan was that I was going to start it yesterday at the Sit ‘n Knit and get in a good two-hour block of solid knitting time on it, which of course I didn’t (we had to help my sister-in-law and brother-in-law move, which was a necessary and needful thing and which I do not regret nor resent, but which I also had conveniently not taken into consideration when mentally working out the fairy tale of how I was going to miraculously complete this [unstarted] project by August 17).  Also never mind the fact that I could have at least cast on the thing over the weekend, in all the time I spent cursing the stupid sock I was starting.  Oh, and never mind that the Olympics is on for the next two weeks, so anything I knit on will have to be simple so I can watch all the athletes doing all the stuff they do so well (oh, and did I mention that this sock is not nice simple knitting like my last sock? Oh, no.  It’s got a pattern. So why did I start it this weekend, when I know I won’t be able to knit on it, even though I love the thought of it so much that I probably will end up knitting on it instead of on the as-yet-unstarted project?)

Procrastination is an ugly, ugly habit.  Ugly.  I know I’m just putting off the secret project because it has a couple of techniques I’ve not done before, but it’s simple and once I do like one or two rows I know I’ll have it down and wonder why on earth I was so afraid to start it, and why I for some reason thought if I just ignored it long enough it would magically start itself, and I know I would have put a lot less stress on myself if I’d just cast on for the thing instead of letting it loom at me from the table with its furry little yarny eyes, and now it’s Monday and I work out tonight and have Zumba tomorrow, so the absolute earliest I’ll be able to start it will be Wednesday, and until then it will just be sitting there staring at me and making me feel guilty.  At least I can work on the project that’s intended as a gift a week from tomorrow while I’m at the eye doctor this afternoon – it’s 90% complete and hopefully simple enough that I can do it even with my eyes dilated to the size of dinner plates.  No pressure.


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