Posted by: thewoobdog | July 25, 2012


Oh, dear… Now that I’ve found these shawl patterns I want to knit, I find myself frozen with indecision over color choice.  This happens to me a lot with yarny projects – I just don’t have that feel for how to combine colors to create something that really pops or is unique or beautiful (I actually started using Pinterest not long ago just so I could pin things that give me color-combo ideas).  Now I have this shawl (we’ll call it a crescent-scarf, to make the shawl-hating side of my brain shut up) that I want to make for myself (and I never make anything for myself, so that’s saying something – I think the only things I still have that I made are two of my very first crochet projects), and it’s one of those things where you can tell the color choice will make all the difference between “Well, isn’t this nice” and “Oh, my gosh, this is gorgeous!  I want to wear this everywhere and have its furry little yarn babies!”

I can’t even name my favorite color – if I were a knight, the bridge keeper would throw me into the chasm right quick (this would be today’s gratuitous Monty Python reference, in case you wondered).  I mean, favorite color of what?  Flowers?  Clothes?  Shoes?  Paint?  Cars?  How can you have just one favorite color?  Colors are amazing and even colors that I hate can move me to raptures in the right combinations or circumstances.  This is why I find myself paralyzed with indecision every time I have to pick a color (or, worse, colors, because the possibilities become even more illimitable and mind-boggling once you start considering colors in combination), and this time, for this shawl (ahem – crescent-scarf), I have to pick three colors. THREE.  I am completely incapacitated.



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