Posted by: thewoobdog | July 24, 2012

Eat Thy Words, Thou Shawl-Slighting Scoundrel!

Right.  I really should learn to stop making sweeping statements with regard to my personal opinions.  The universe laughs at this, my friends. Laughs

So, not less than one week after writing, with complete assurance, “no one I know would ever in a million years want a hand-knit shawl” (ahem), two – count them, two – people in my immediate circle (only one of whom had read that particular post) declared that they suddenly had a desire for a hand-knit shawl.  Seriously?! 

I have only myself to blame.  One would think that after 30-odd years of declaratory generalities, I would have learned that they invariably invite disputation.  The real kicker is that in the past week, I myself have discovered three shawl patterns that I’m just itching to knit, so I can’t even blame family and friends for this.  I brought this on myself.  My own brain is part of the insurrection.  *sigh*

To add insult to injury, I have elected to embark on a project that may or may not involve knitting and/or shawls, and I can’t even blog about it since it’s a gift for a family member who may or may not read this blog.  I’m about to explode with the need to blog, and have even considered doing delayed-publication blogs to document the process and the thought behind it and the sheer agitation de faire while I’m working on it, since I’ve learned from experience that once a project is done, I’m done with the project – no blogging about it, no posting pics, no discussing it, I want to move on to the next thing.  Since so many of my projects are gifts, this invariably means I never document anything (note the conspicuous absence of knitting in this blog…) – I usually even forget to get pics when I give the stuff away.  So perhaps in a few weeks there will be an explosion of posts published post-production…


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