Posted by: thewoobdog | July 12, 2012

Who Does That? (Part 2)

Okay, not really related to the other neighbor story from Tuesday, but I thought I’d share another “Who does that?!” moment brought to us by Toby our Type-A neighbor.

One of our favorites is the time he came up and told us he’d been teaching his 2-year-old how to drive – they have a Prius, so he’d taught her how to turn it on (push-button start) and put it in gear.  He was relating this to us very proudly, pleased with his forethought and his daughter’s cleverness, and I could see the same thought reflected in TBear’s eyes that was rising up in mine – “Who on earth would think teaching a toddler how to operate a vehicle was a good idea?”  (We may or may not have made bets afterward on how long this would take to bite him in the butt.)

Sure enough, a few days later he remarked, “Yeah, I’ve had to start locking the car – Ella [the daughter, name changed] has been going out in the driveway and starting it up; we’re afraid one of the days she’ll put it in gear when we’re not looking.”

Seriously, are we the only ones who saw this coming?  Did he really not think through that whole concept?  Really?



  1. This man is SO GOOD.

    • Yeah… He maims himself every time he uses power tools, too – like, almost opening a vein on his forearm cutting himself with the power saw, or taking part of his finger off with the power planer (at which point he called TERRY to take him to the ER, LOL). It’s like living next to a sitcom family.

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