Posted by: thewoobdog | May 22, 2012

Filler (in which many parentheses are used and abused)

Nothing exciting going on over here today.  I feel like all my weekends lately have been subsumed by my massive spring cleaning/reorganization project (probably because all my weekends lately have been subsumed by my massive spring cleaning/reorganization project).  I fully realize that I have no one to blame but myself, both for deciding to tackle it and for letting it get this bad, but yeeeesh, will it never end?!  It doesn’t help that the further into it I get, the more areas of the house get pulled into the craziness – initially I was only going to clean and reorganize the guest room and closet and the office room and closet, with some minor furniture shifting in the living room, but now that I’m about 70% done with those I’m thinking I really should clean and organize the master bedroom and closet, and probably the kitchen, too, since I can’t see my countertops right now (mostly because as I’ve been drawn deeper and deeper into the all-consuming morass that is this Big Project, I have neglected the routine tidying that makes it possible to actually live in the other areas of our house).  (Wow. Run-on sentence much?)

I did take a tee-tiny little break this past weekend and went to Black Bear Books in the mall on Saturday for a couple (three) hours of much-neglected sock knitting (finally, I’m past the gusset decreases so I can just do some mindless stockinette for a while without worrying about going on auto-pilot and accidentally missing a pesky sneaky decrease).  I also took a bit of time to (mostly) clear off the dining room table, which had gotten so covered in assorted jumbled piles of stuff that we barely had a place to eat (and since there are two of us and it seats six, that’s saying something.  Something bad.) Oh, yeah, and I met a visiting out-of-town friend for brunch on Sunday (and had a scary moment while sitting knitting and waiting for her to show up wherein I spotted a spider crawling up my boob, tried to flick it off, and possibly ended up flicking it into my knitting bag, which I then emptied and shook like a maniac and there is the possibility that I may also have pounded on my remaining yarn ball like a lunatic in case the little sucker was holed up in there clinging velcro-like to a strand of fuzzy angora).

Tomorrow at least I have an afternoon of un-spendy shopping to look forward to – I’m leaving work early and going off the mountain (local euphemism for… well… going anywhere that’s not up here on the mountain – that is, anywhere with real stores and malls and theaters that have been cleaned sometime in the last decade) to spend my $80 store credit + $10 coupon on clothes or shoes or something purty from the fat-people-store.  After that I have a three-day weekend that may involve time at the lake but will also most likely involve more happy fun-time spent on the Soul-Sucking Spring Cleaning of 2012.  (I’m not actually as bitter as I sound – I really am excited about the wonders of organization and home makeoverishness that I will have accomplished when all is said and done, but my inner four-year-old would really like instant gratification on this whole thing and has serious tantrum-y issues about a project that takes more than a day.)

So.  There you have it.  600 words about nothing much.



  1. I always forget people not from here have no idea what “go off the mountain” means!

    • It makes it sound like we’re settlers living in cabins with no running water, who have to take the horse & carriage down off our crazy mountain to get supplies. HAHAHA.

  2. Hahahaha, it’s so true. 8)

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