Posted by: thewoobdog | March 17, 2009

Without Form and Void

This title, of course, refers to Genesis, when the world was without form and void.  The actual Hebrew word (put in English letters, since a Hebrew scholar I am not) is “tohu va’bohu”, which pretty much refers to chaos and disorder.  This is my life at the moment.  I can only trust that the Spirit of God is hovering over me, ready to shape and structure the entropy (as soon as I quit whining about it and let Him, I suppose…).  😀

Anyway, so here’s the update:

The house addition – which was projected to take 2 – 4 months – has now stretched on since October, but hopefully we now have an end in sight.  We’re thinking maybe three more weeks, but realistically we’re planning on four.  I would blog about some of the crazy crud we’ve had to deal with as a result of the renovations but just thinking about it exhausts me (and I’m also pretty sure I would come across a bit more sarcastic and bitter than I really intend to).

Last week we had certain rooms (affected by the renovation) in the existing house painted, which is awesome on the one hand because we never have liked the colors, but on the other hand… For a week, our living room furniture was in the bedroom, the dining room furniture was in the bathroom, the fish tank was in the kitchen (still is, actually, and we can only open the fridge about a foot), and the guest room furniture was in the ‘office’ room and upstairs bathroom (also still is).  BUT, we absolutely love the new paint, so all is good.

Grad school is crazy and crazier and So. Much. Work. And I’m not complaining, but grad school PLUS full-time job (PLUS tax season at said full-time [accounting] job) PLUS home renovations (PLUS the fact that my office is currently adding a second story, so we have crazy noise and renovation there, too) is moving me into white-padded-cell territory.


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