Posted by: thewoobdog | January 26, 2009

Amusing Interlude

Since bythelbs dropped me on FB chat (*sniffle*), I must resort to blogging to keep myself awake.  TBear is off doing the first part of his grueling 5th degree black belt test and I have no idea when he’ll be home.  😦  Lucky him – he still gets to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow morning to go to work.  I hope he’s not getting too bruised and battered…

Behold the subversion of a puppy:


Yes, that’s TBear there with the huge bag of (puffy – ugh!) Cheetos… and if you look more closely:


He’s even involved Woobie in his heinous snacking choices!  /shudder/

Behold the insidious effect these puffy fried snacks have (other than turning your fingers and pantlegs orange…):


More randomness from our Disney trip:


Apparently Captain Obvious now works at Brawny.


Pic of Cinderella’s Castle at night (taken on my phone). 


Biggest turkey leg I’ve ever seen in my LIFE – I felt like I’d slipped into a Flintstones episode.  We were sitting at a table eating (this is about all I finished of the leg – and yes, I was using a plastic knife and fork because I draw the line at snarfing on a 6-lb chunk of greasy meat in front of the masses like a cave-lady) and this older retired couple came to share our table.  After about two minutes they were egging me on to pick the thing up and chomp on it.  !!  (Didn’t happen.)  Bizarre, though.

Just got a text from TBear that he has at least another hour to go (he’s been there since 6:00 pm and now it’s after 11:00 pm – the other guys that are testing can all lay around like lazy slackers tomorrow and recuperate, so I’m sure no one’s giving any thought to the fact that my guy actually has a job.)  No, no, I’m not bitter…  Did I mention he has to take off work on Wednesday to finish the blasted thing?  ARGH.  We will both be so glad when this is over… LOL – him more so than me, I’m sure!



  1. I dropped you? Wha? My mind is drawing a blank.

    Quick thoughts:



    hand washing instructions=? and hilarious and where’s the Spanish version?


    tukey leg=mmmmm…and Flintstones=LOL

  2. LOL. It was the night we chatted on Facebook and I was struggling to stay awake and, you know, you totally blew me off. HA HA. Jk.

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