Posted by: thewoobdog | November 4, 2008

Hair You Go

What is it with me and the blog-titles lately?

Anyway, I have a dilemma.  I need to get my hair cut – badly.  That is to say, I badly need to get my hair cut.  It’s waaaaaaaay too long right now – like, several-inches-below-my-waist long.  I meant to have it cut before the wedding we were supposed to go to in October (the one I was going to lose all the weight for?  yeah, that one), but never got around to it because the wedding never actually happened*.  Now we have a wedding to go to at the end of November, and I’m thinking I have to get a haircut before that.

My dilemma is – do I go to the hairdresser I’ve been using since elementary school, who always does a fantastic job on my hair and gives me a head massage, or do I try someone new?  It’s not a money issue – my guy probably charges less than just about anywhere else I’d go, unless it was to the $10 place in the mall (and that I’m not willing to try right before a wedding). See, the thing is, the guy I usually go to takes about two hours, and the whole reason I haven’t gone is because I don’t have that kind of time.  Well, a little bit of the reason is vanity – I hate to let people who knew me see me with the weight I’ve put on, but that’s kind of subordinate to the time issue.  So, should I try someone new and fast?  My guy’s getting up there in years, so at some point in my life I will have to find another option, but…  

What say you, gentle readers?  Suck it up, take the time, and go to the tried-and-true, or mix it up a bit and try something new?  Or just slodge along with my hair growing longer and longer and more and more unkempt until I begin to resemble my husband’s Halloween persona?


* Which I found out about while scrolling through my Facebook homepage – I noticed my friend’s status had gone from ‘engaged’ to ‘single’, and at first thought it was a sick joke… until I clicked on over to his (former) fiancee’s page and saw that not only was she listed as single, but she also had added the following to her page: “Loyalty is the quality I hope my next relationship has.”  At that point TBear and I looked at each other in dismay and astonishment and waited for news from our friend, since we sure as heck weren’t going to ask crass questions and we already felt like nosy cyber-stalkers.  So, anyway, no wedding…  😦  Sad because they’d been dating since high school and made it all the way through grad school together.



  1. Dude, you gotta get a haircut. If you’re confident that you’re regular guy will give you the cut you’ll be happy with, suck it up and go there. If you’re ready for a change, get some recommendations from friends. Friends with good haircuts.

    So you never got an official “We’ve broken off our engagement”? Did you ever have an official invitation? Did anybody just show up to this non-wedding? Crazy. And sad. And I want the whole juicy story when you get it. JK. Not really.

  2. We never actually GOT the invite, so I guess they called it quits before they sent them… I did get a somewhat sheepish email some weeks later from my friend, telling me they’d broken it off and that’s why we hadn’t gotten an invite. No details, though – and I wanted details! Or at least a GENERAL idea of what happened! *sigh*

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