Posted by: thewoobdog | October 11, 2008

Second Installment of BTSE

More Best T-Shirt Sayings Ever (2008 edition):

Under this placid exterior is a seething cauldron of emotion

Eating oat bran at work got me fibered [what can I say? I’m a sucker for a pun]

I before E makes me have a vowel movement [like I said – sucker for a good pun]

Backseat drivers are – OH! Turn here!!

Avid indoorsman

20% Stud 80% Muffin

Random beatings will continue until I get exactly what I want.

I heart my job (that should fool my boss) [hee hee hee – I was tempted to get this one for the whole office]

Another life torn apart by dark chocolate

Cloudy with a chance of sarcasm

I spend every minute with my kids.  I’m allowed visitors every other weekend.

Quit yo jibba jabba! [with a picture of Mr. T]

Sanity is backordered.  Sarcasm is in unlimited supply.

Danger: Mouth operates faster than brain.

Everything I say is fully substantiated by my own opinion.

Yeah, I’m old.  But at least I made it.

Am I getting older, or is the supermarket playing great music?

My day isn’t done until I’ve horrified a complete stranger.

I spill things

You know that Social Security they keep taking out of your paycheck?  Well, it’s going to me! [This one’s for my in-laws]

Women dress me with their eyes.



  1. Oooh, definitely the Mr. T “quit you jibba jabba”. I had no idea there were entire catalogs devoted to the novelty tee. But why wouldn’t there be?

  2. that’s yo. Quit yo.

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