Posted by: thewoobdog | August 5, 2008

Ok, Seriously.

I just got an email from an old friend that he is getting married in October.  October.  That gives me less than three months to lose weight.  Can I stay motivated?  Can I?  I haven’t so far.  Maybe this is the kick in the pants I need.  I mean, this is the guy I used to work out with – we were in martial arts together and we could kick some serious butt.  I was scary, man.  My friends used to tease me about having man-arms.

I want my man-arms back!  This is what I get for being a lazy cow for the past three years – what’s the phrase?  “This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet” (well, not in [less than!] three months, anyway).  Still, this would be a good short-term goal (they say those are best, right?) – eat right and exercise from now til October.  Then after the wedding I can set a new goal.  Like eating right and exercising from October to Christmas.  Christmas is hard – you’ve got Thanksgiving and leftovers and office Christmas parties and all those horrible temptations between October and Christmas.  Maybe post-wedding I should just take it one grueling week at a time.

No more nicking chocolate from co-workers’ desks.  No more cream in my coffee.  No more trips to Stick Boy for random delicious breads and pastries.  No more snagging random fattening treats from the gas station to accompany my 63-cent morning coffee refill (because I feel guilty just getting 63-cents-worth of merchandise, you know?).  No more sitting on my arse-cheeks reading a book instead of doing the landscaping, cleaning, or exercise I should be doing.




  1. So how’s the exercise thing going? And the non eating of random delicious breads and pastries? I have no will power. NO WILL POWER. And no motivation. NO MOTIVATION. (I don’t know why I repeated that second one in all caps–maybe for the symmetry.)

    I’ll eat an extra cookie for you.

  2. bythelbs – Oh, it’s going well (she says, as she licks the sticky residue from apple-nut-bread that lingers around her lips – thank you, lurking-work-guy-who-occasionally-brings-in-tempting-treats). So far I’m down 12.4 lbs, so hooray! – only, you know, 90 or so left to lose before October… Gack.

    I used to have willpower. I think I must have forgotten to unpack it when I moved.

  3. 90? Are you sure? Are you pulling my leg?

    12.4 lbs is awesome. Don’t give up. Apple nut bread sounds healthy and wholesome. Fruits, grains, nuts. Nothin’ wrong with that. Did you have a piece or a loaf? That can sometimes make a difference.

  4. Nope. Really. 90 more lbs. At least. (thanks to undiagnosed birth-control-related thyroid problems… AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!)

  5. (But, I mean, thank goodness they’ve been diagnosed now!)

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