Posted by: thewoobdog | July 20, 2007

I’m back!  Oh, joy!  And I have absolutely nothing to write about…  I have squelched so many blogs and mini-blogs over the last few net-less days that they have just given up and stopped prodding me.  Hopefully inspiration will return. 

The lack of meaningful subjects may also be due to the furious frustration I am currently feeling, after having just been on the phone with the university and discovering I don’t have library access until the day fall semester starts, despite the fact that I was registered in spring and am registered for fall.  And I’m a freaking grad student.  But somebody somewhere decided that students couldn’t have library access over the summer unless they were enrolled in summer session, despite the fact that every other amenity on campus is open to us as long as we are registered for fall.  Rrgh.

At one point I did ask the woman on the other end of the line just who, exactly, was responsible for this rule, as I was perfectly willing to call them out on it and ask them to explain the reasoning behind it.  She didn’t know.  Of course, she had an imperfect grasp of English (frustrating in a university higher-up, don’t you think?), so she may not have understood the question.

None of the approximately eight people (maybe seven) that I spoke to could tell me if spouses had access to the library, either – since TBear is on staff, I get access to just about everything by being his wife, so I thought maybe I could run that angle.  One woman suggested I have him check out my books and reference materials for me.  I mentioned that perhaps that was a little inconvenient for him, you know, being as how he actually has other things on his schedule than popping up to the library every time I need something.  I guess grad students never actually need to study or even read between semesters, hmmm?

I need to get back in kung fu.  I am feeling the undeniable urge to hit something right now.

Okay, ranting over.  Blogging is so cathartic – if you think I sound ticked off here, you should see me when I don’t have the outlet that blogging gives. Then my poor TBear has to hear it.  Poor guy’s had a rough few days of it, come to think…



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