Posted by: thewoobdog | July 12, 2007


So, it has long been a desire of our family to somehow reach out to the youth, especially in our community, but we have struggled with the working out of it.  These kids (and by kids I mean anybody up through college age) want something real, not some contrived ‘program’ or banal speech.  And we have struggled and talked and talked and struggled and never come up with a solution… until last night.  Major, major breakthrough.  As I relate it, it will seem foolishly simple and devastatingly obvious, as most issues do when you get the core of them – but the challenge is finding that core, the true issue at the root of the symptoms that often cloud understanding…

So we were watching Battlecry for a Generation in hopes of finding some way to reach out to the youth, and as a family – including my sisters, who are of an age to still be ‘youth’ – we were discussing the program and some things we perceived about it when looking at it from a youth’s perspective.  And we were debating why so many programs try and fail… and it hit us.  As Christians, we too often want to get excited and fired up about some new cause or new program or new goal, and we go out with this excitement and this zeal and we fail miserably.  Why?  Because we should be excited about our God, the Creator of the universe, the Giver of all things good, the Light, the Life, Joy Unspeakable, the Indwelling One – the programs are great, but if we aren’t excited about God, how can anyone else be?  You can draw people to your zeal – for a while.  Until they realize it is empty and there is nothing of meaning behind it.  But if people see your zeal and they look behind it and they see something – someOne –  of such mystery and wonder that all of time could not exhaust the search and the newness of Him – what then?  Oh, yes, what then, indeed?  Then you have pointed people not to another meaningless program or empty goal – you have shown them reality, the reality they have been searching for and which always remained tantalizingly out of reach.  And you’ve shown them they can have it.  They can have Him.  He knows them and He’s been yearning for them just as they’ve been yearning for Him without knowing it…  Then you have something. 

It’s time for us as Christians to stop waiting for someone to get us fired up and start getting ourselves fired up – not about some new movement or some new cause or the latest Christian buzzword or music or whatever – but about the One who’s behind it all.  About the One who gives our lives purpose and meaning.  It’s time to start living praise. 

We are going to start doing a Bible study as a family and we are encouraging other families that have been involved with our church to do the same – not as a group, not as a big body, but as a family.  Each family needs to do this on their own.  Too many families are falling apart because they are looking to someone else to lead and guide and take the responsibility – but if a family gets together and gets excited about God together, what a bond!  How can we expect families to come together in church and fellowship and form bonds and be in unity when they don’t even have bonds with each other?  When at home they are scattered and sundered?  So many churches hold up God’s plan of leadership in the Old Testament (when Moses had his tiers of leadership) as the plan for a church, but they forget the most important thing – the building block that no one seems to recognize there is that in Israel, it started with the family.  Way back, God chose Abraham because He knew that here was a man who would train up his children in the ways of God – it didn’t say he’d train up the community or have a crusade or write a book that would reach millions, it said he would train up his family.  The Bible is full of exhortation about training up your children, about meditating on the Word in your home, about discussing the things of God in the place where you live.  The church isn’t called to raise your kids.  The church isn’t called to raise you.  Equip you, yes.  But you have to go after God yourself.  No one can do it for you. 

If you’ve been a Christian for long enough to feel cynical and jaded, chances are you have all the knowledge you need to GO!  Find out why He’s so exciting!  Find out why He’s so relevant!  Leave all the hype and all the buzzwords and all the cliches you’ve heard for years and years and the stale religion and stagnant praise and start searching out Who God is and remembering why He’s great!  Then you can be effective because everything you do will start radiating with exuberant praise for God.  Your family will see it.  Your kids will see it.  When you find what’s real, you get interested.  You get interesting.  People want it.  And you’ll know Who to point them to – you won’t know of Him, you won’t know about Him – you’ll know Him.


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