Posted by: thewoobdog | July 10, 2007

Who Knew?

Courtesy of Cranky Fitness:

Not everyone likes going to the gym. Or can afford to. Or has a reasonably decent one nearby. But what about all those people who could be having a great time there but simply Fear their Local Fitness Center? To many folks, the whole idea just seems intimidating and fraught with opportunities for humiliation.

Perhaps you are one of these people yourself. Or maybe you Love the Gym but know someone else who could use some advice and encouragement. If so, please read on for the Top Secrets to Not Looking Like a Total Ass Your First Time at the Gym!

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I found it entertaining… but then, I’ve only recently overcome my own Fear of Fitness Centers.  I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I’d read this first…  Okay, maybe not heartache, exactly, but no small amount of embarrassment – who knew cardio machines had sign-up charts (see item 8 on her list)?  Charts that I’ve never seen any one use except for the one day I got on the elliptical machine at an alternate location of campus fitness… (I might add that the other locations have no such sign-up sheets, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities since to wish that they did!)  So of course I get tapped on the shoulder and referred to the sign-up area by the (very courteous) fellow gym rat who was scheduled to use the machine… 

I’m going to take this opportunity to mention a really annoying aspect of ASU campus fitness.  Okay, everyone wants to use the elliptical machines.  Some people want to use the treadmills.  Hardly anyone ever uses the bikes.  So what do they have the most of?  BIKES.  Of course!  All sitting empty and unused…  What do they have the least of?  ELLIPTICAL MACHINES.  Of course!  Why waste funding on machines people will actually use

People line up along the walls waiting for these things.  Let me give you some hard numbers – I’d say campus has about 20 elliptical machines, spread among three locations.  Treadmills are probably about the same.  Bikes are maybe triple that.  Student enrollment is around 13,000, not counting faculty and staff (and their spouses), who also have access to the fitness centers.  Yeah.  Great planning.  I mean, I understand lack of funding.  I do.  But why spend money buying dozens of bikes that don’t get used?  Hmmm?  Would someone ‘splain that one to me?  Why not (big leap here) spend it on machines people like?


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