Posted by: thewoobdog | July 6, 2007


Okay, so I just joined the blogring “I can spell and form coherent sentences!”, right?  Because I can.  Any deviations from generally accepted literary rules on my site are a) planned, not accidental, and b) generally for effect or emphasis.  Like this sentence fragment here.  I am aware that it is a sentence fragment, you are aware that it is a sentence fragment (or maybe you weren’t, but you are now), and I think we both know that the reason it is there in its fragmented form is because I am writing it as I would say it – using the punctuation to create the appropriate pauses and emphasis. 

Silly me, I decided to browse the sites of fellow members – in case you’ve forgotten, the blogring is titled “I can spell and form coherent sentences!”  Allow me to paste here the description of said blogring:

For those who, miraculously, both have a Xanga site and do not consistently butcher the English language with foolish abbreviations, lazy grammar, and alternating capital/lower case letters.

Of the four sites that I visited, one was a teacher (of college english, no less) who apparently does not understand the appropriate use of ‘to’ vs. ‘too’.  One showed an overfondness of run-on sentences and the word ‘shag’.  One seemed to have issues consistently capitalizing his sentences (yes, I know that e e cummings did not use capitalization – fine – but cummings also didn’t just switch between capitalization and non-capitalization with schizophrenic ease).  And one seems to be unable to spell ‘caffeine’. 

I will doubtless have to keep this little rant private for a few days until they forget about my footprint on their sites (don’t need any hate comments, thanks), but I have to say I am absolutely appalled.  Newsflash: at the very least, XANGA HAS SPELL-CHECK, PEOPLE!  I have no problem with poor grammar, punctuation, or spelling (ok, I notice it and it bugs me, but I don’t expect everyone in the country to be able to write without typos or errors – I know I can’t and I’m more hyperaware of it than most).  What I have a problem with is that these people felt the need to join a blogring that tacitly states it is for people with a grasp of the written intricacies of the English language.  You don’t see me joining the Chinese Pride blogring, do you?  Why?  BECAUSE I’M NOT CHINESE!  I have nothing in common with the mission statement of the Chinese Pride blogring. 

Is it really too much to ask?  Really?  Honestly?  Again, for any of you who do not belong to this blogring, I don’t expect coherent sentences and perfect spelling.  Why?  Because you haven’t blazoned a statement on your site saying this is an area in which you are particularly talented.  If, however, you feel the need to make such a statement about yourself, I will expect a rather high degree of proficiency in written English.  Just so you know.  And if you are part of the ‘gay boys wit de gay pride’ blogring, I am going to assume that you are a) gay, b) male, and c) proud of the fact.  Again, just so you know.


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