Posted by: thewoobdog | July 4, 2007

More Catching Up

So, Creation was awesome.  We got there on Tuesday with everyone safe and sound – one of the people with us was a 17 year old who had driven up on her own and joined up with us, and she actually got T-boned pretty bad pulling out of the last gas station we stopped at.  Thank God (literally) she was fine and so were the people who hit her.  The car was totalled, but if you’d seen the scene of the accident you’d know that was a small price – I still can’t believe she walked away from it with nothing more than a headache and some scratches.  Also, thank the Lord, we had a chiropractor in our group who adjusted her and realigned her that afternoon, so she didn’t even have a lot of stiffness to deal with. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were HOT – we’re talking mid-90’s, humid, with NO shade, in the middle of a field.  We had generators to power some large fans, but the fans were just blowing hot air, and the canopies we set up offered little relief from the sun.  Add to that the fact that we had a group of 40 or so people to care for – with the kids refusing to drink water like they should, and in one case, passing out from heat exhaustion – and we had a couple of hairy days.  Thankfully, the weather broke Wednesday night – to the point that they actually had to clear the amphitheatre because of severe lightning and hail warnings – and from then on it was only in the 80’s.  The arena was a mile from our campsite, so we were really happy when the heat dropped to normal levels (especially after walking to and from the arena 3 times – 6 miles – in the heat on Wednesday).

TBear got to see Switchfoot in concert for the first time – they did a great concert, much better than the one 3 years ago that I saw.  Probably one of the best concerts we saw was David Crowder Band, which wasn’t too surprising to me, since I absolutely lurve them, but TBear was floored by them and says that was his favorite of them all.  Third Day was awesome, too, and Newsboys just goes without saying.  Casting Crowns really surprised me – they were so ordinary and yet they were awesome.  It was like seeing your next door neighbors get up on stage and just rock out.  There were a lot of bands that I would ordinarily have gone to see that I didn’t this year, just because the stage was so far away and going back and forth and back and forth over and over in the sun was more than I could bear – usually we’re about 2/3 of a mile away, and it’s surprising what a difference that extra 1/3 of a mile makes when you’re planning your day.  It was just enough longer to make it a pill to tramp back and forth – normally I go in the morning, see the speaker and some bands, head back to camp, then head up in the afternoon for bands and seminars, then back to camp, then back for evening speaker and bands, but this year that would have meant a lot of time spent walking.  We had so much coordinating to do back at camp with meals and hauling water and stuff like that, I just couldn’t fit it all in.  One day TBear and I hauled 120 gallons of water.  And it all had to be poured, by hand, out of the 7-gallon jugs and into the holding tanks via funnel, so we could take showers and stuff.  Another day it was 77 gallons, etc, etc – I was about to choke the teenagers who kept traipsing to the shower tent and using all the water without bringing more (that’s the rule – you shower, you haul water to replace what you used).  Other than that, though, everyone was incredibly helpful and we always had more than enough hands for the camp chores and cooking.  Even with the water, the adults helped – it’s just that TBear was the only one tall enough and strong enough to pour it in, since the input was like 6 1/2 feet off the ground and you had to climb up on a stepstool to pour in the water (from a jug weighing 56 pounds, full).

Having such a big group was definitely fun, but also definitely a challenge!  Next year we’ll make sure to have stuff set up in a way that is easier for people to help – everyone was willing, but it seemed like there were too many things we just couldn’t delegate because we (me and TBear and my family) were the only ones who knew how they were done or whatever.  We won’t make that mistake again!

Favorite speaker illustration of the whole event was one by Justin Lookado – he took this hundred dollar bill and asked the crowd if they wanted it (he had just given away a twenty in his first illustration), so of course the crowd up near the stage went nuts.  Then he crumpled it up, spit on it, stomped on it, rubbed it in his armpits, etc, after each new abuse asking if anyone still wanted it – well, of course no one cared what had been done to it, they just wanted the hundred bucks.  He made the point that this is how God sees us – it doesn’t matter to him what we’ve done, how bad we are or have been – he sees us as valuable.  How much was the hundred worth before it got so abused?  $100.  How much was it worth after?  $100.  Just like that bill, our worth doesn’t change based on what we have done or what we have been through – we are still valuable to God, and if we’ll just accept him, he’ll start gently straightening out the wrinkles and healing the hurts and undoing what’s been done to us.  I thought it was a great way to make a point – so many people feel that they are worthless, that no one could see annything in them, that they have been through things and done things that have stripped them of any value – and one of the hardest things in the world is convincing these same people, blinded by shame, that they do have value and their lives are worth something.  Every day there are 18,000 suicide attempts.  1,800 succeed.  What a great thing to be able to stop even one…


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