Posted by: thewoobdog | July 3, 2007

It’s Me Again!

Ah, Xanga!  It feels so good to be back…

Actually, I am rather daunted by the task that lies ahead of me – trying to blog about the various vacation experiences of the last ten days seems like an impossible task.

On a completely unrelated note, I came back to my office yesterday to find that no one had taken out the bagged trash (long story) and so my office smelled like rotting garbage.  And today there are gnats circling my coffee cup.  That is so disgusting.

So, I will attempt to present various highlights of my vacation in a humorous and entertaining way.  Yeah, right!  It’ll probably end up sounding like a boring diary…

We went to Hershey, PA, on Friday, but (remember my last blog, where we were waiting and waiting and leaving too late) we didn’t get there until 3 a.m.  At which point we had to set up the new popup.  In the dark.  While discovering we had no level (with which to ensure that said popup was – you guessed it – level).  The very, very nice security guy (I mean, people, he went SO far above and beyond the call of duty) not only helped us set up (being a fellow popup owner), but actually drove back to the guardhouse and brought back a level.  At three in the morning.

(these gnats are driving me nuts.  and I think there’s a fly here somewhere, because gnats don’t make buzzing sounds.)

Saturday was spent sleeping and riding around through Amish country – we ate at an excellent restaurant that served Amish food family-style, and my husband got to try shoo-fly pie for the first time.  He leaped off the Atkins buggy with a vengeance – fresh made raisin bread, a whole piece of shoo-fly pie, ice cream, and three pieces of sour cream apple crumb pie.  Yes, that was in one sitting and in addition to about three platefuls of green beans, some turkey, and various bits of other dishes (we’re talking noodles in brown butter, chow-chow, peppered cabbage, dried corn, ham in apple cider glaze, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, yeast rolls, the aforementioned homemade raisin bread with white sugar glaze, baked sausage, and the other stuff that I just know I’m forgetting).  When we were looking around the inevitable country store afterwards, we discovered that Johnny Depp had been there and sent an autographed picture with expressions of enjoyment.  TBear found and bought a sign for our house that says ‘An old rooster and a young chick live here’. 

Sunday was spent doing more of the same.  We had great fun childishly mocking the town of Intercourse.  I had the. best. pretzel. ever.  Seriously – roadside stand of Amish people making fresh pretzels.  Insanity.  Wonderful.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.

Sunday night and Monday we went to HersheyPark, where TBear rode his first (and apparently last) real rollercoaster – The Great Bear.  He really didn’t enjoy it.  He did say later that he wished he had ridden more, but I have my doubts.  Me and Ariel and Jasa rode lots of stuff, including Stormrunner, which is a hydraulic-launch rc that goes from 0-72 in like 2 seconds.  The thing is, you do this HUGE drop, but you don’t notice it because you’re going so fast – what you notice is that through all the barrel rolls, you are about four inches out of your seat.  See, this is one where instead of being suspended under the track, you’re seated on top of it, and it’s a totally different feeling – way, way cool.  The barrel rolls were so totally wonderful.  Sadly, the entire ride lasted all of 28 seconds (I timed it, that is not an exaggeration).

Took TBear through ChocolateWorld – they have Elvis peanut butter cups – Reese’s pb cups with banana cream in them.  Weirdly good.

Also drove through the main street in Hershey – I have pics of the hershey-kiss-shaped street lights that I’ll post soon.  You really do drive right by the Hershey factory, and the air really does smell like chocolate.   Mmmmmmm.

Okay, I have given you enough for this blog.  I shall continue in my next blog with the adventures of CreationFest.


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