Posted by: thewoobdog | June 15, 2007

Moody Much?

Hmmm.  So I start on low-dose thyroid meds tomorrow – judging from my slightly hypothyroidic test results, my doc thinks that the culprit behind my fatigue, inability to lose weight, anger management issues, and brittle nails (mustn’t forget those brittle nails) could be thyroidally related.  I pointed out that I don’t take meds.  She pointed out that I do take birth control.  I counterpointed that that was when all these crappo symptoms started

I love the fact that birth control keeps me from getting pregnant.  I hate the fact that birth control sucks in every other way.

So I am taking a dual approach to this issue.  I am grabbing my hormones by the tail and jerking those little suckers back into line, darnit.  Approach A:  I will start taking the thyroid meds, provisionally, and see where I’m at in 10 weeks when I go for a follow-up.  I refuse to be saddled with them for life, however, but my doc says in my situation I probably won’t be, and even indicated that bc meds can affect thyroid levels.  Hence, Approach B:  I. Am. NOT. Going to continue to take birth control pills.  No more.  I am going to pursue the Merina IUD thingy – largely non-hormonal (effects are localized, like Novocaine for tooth surgery), bypasses the liver, and will hopefully allow me to live my normal life again.  Yay.  We’ll see.  I am sick and tired of always being hungry, getting cramps, not being able to wear my contacts, and being moody.  I had NONE of those problems prior to BC.  None.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) could never tell when I was PMSing, because I just… never did.


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