Posted by: thewoobdog | June 12, 2007

Down with Memes

Yes, I actually kind of (well, I guess there’s no ‘kind of’ about it – in a moment of weakness, I did it) volunteered for this.  Mostly because I had nothing better to blog about at the moment – my meeting with the grad program director isn’t until tonight, so I can’t tell you how that went until – you guessed it – later.  Not to mention I needed something to offer a break from the unrelieved tedium of the pile of Essentials – Tax Weekly publications that are stacking up in my inbox, just waiting for me to devour them with my insatiable curiosity.  Mmmhmmm.  Allow me to pique your interest – did you know that guidance was just released regarding the imposition of monetary sanctions under Circular 230?  And here’s a headline to compete with the Paris/jail thing – “Early IRA Distribution Led to 10-Percent Additional Tax – the Tax Court found an individual who received an early distribution from her IRA liable for 10% additional tax.”  Oh, yeah.  Heady stuff. 

I think the best part is looking through and finding typos.

Anyway, on to the… the… well, the thing, since I don’t know what to call it.  I actually volunteered for it because I liked the inherent freedom of it – more so than the ones with tediously long lists of questions about yourself that you have to answer.  I always get bored with those and then end up feeling like my answers aren’t nearly as witty and cleverly tongue-in-cheek as those of the person before me.

“Rules”  After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, leaving them a comment on their blogs to let them know.

1.  When I was little and my mom used to make my bed before bedtime, I was absolutely fanatical about the sheets having no wrinkles once they got on the bed.  Bottom sheet and top sheet, nice and smooth, and no wrinkles could be created in the putting on of the blanket, either.  Oh, and the top sheet and the blanket had to hang exactly even on each side – none of this shoddy devil-may-care lopsidedness.  This was complicated by the fact that generally, if the blanket hung lower on one side than the other, you couldn’t pull it to even it out because that would a) wrinkle the sheet and/or b) pull the sheet over with the blanket, making the sheet lopsided.  Yes.  It drove my mother absolutely nuts.  I can actually remember refusing to get in the bed when it wasn’t made perfectly right (I was like 5) and sitting in the door of my bedroom crying – I would eventually cry myself to sleep and my mom would put me in bed.  I still get odd twinges when I make my bed (for a long, long time I just never made my bed, since it was easier than dealing with it) – I can handle the occasional wrinkle, but the blanket must hang evenly.  MUST. 

2.  How to explain this?  When eating certain foods (little, bite-size bits of goodness – candy, popcorn, small cookies), I like to alternate chewing them on opposite sides of my mouth.  (I feel so exposed – this looks weirder written down.)  I’ll take one (say, a Junior Mint) and chew it on the right side; then the next one, I’ll chew on the left side.  So I really prefer my bite-size goodnesses to come in even numbers, so one side doesn’t get preferential treatment.

3.  My four bottom front teeth have no roots – they’re real teeth, they just got traumatized when I was like 13 (riding accident) and they self-destructed.  Well, three of them did – I had to have a root canal on one; the others kindly did it themselves, less painfully and without turning a weird color.

4.  I have never seen the movie Titanic.  Worse yet, I don’t ever want to see the movie Titanic.  Leonardo DiCaprio (I cannot bring myself to call him ‘Leo’) creeps me out.  I mean, seriously creeps me out.  Look at his eyes – he has dead-looking reptilian eyes.  I cannot watch movies that he is in – okay, so I did watch Catch Me If You Can, but it was a struggle (good movie, though, except for having to watch Creepy).  {{{shudder}}}

5.  I hate seeing that I have voicemail on my phone.  I will avoid listening to it for days – it’s like it just hangs there, over my head, and once I listen to it I will actually have an obligation to do something about it.  I.  Dread.  Voicemail.

6.  I still remember the day I figured out I could actually read more than one book at a time.  I had left the book I was reading at home and we were at the lake, on the boat.  I felt (and still do) almost naked if I had no book to read (comes from being an only child for 12 years and having to have something to do in the long hours at the office and at late dinners with my parents, who invariably discussed boring work things – being caught without a book was almost physically painful).  So, anyway, one of my relatives had brought a book – it wasn’t one that I was particularly interested in, but it was something and I was desperate – and I remember thinking I couldn’t start another book when I wasn’t finished the one at home that I was already reading.  And then it hit me – I could actually start another book before being completely finished with the last one…  I don’t know if this counts as a fact about myself, but it’s just oddly amusing to me that I actually remember this as a defining moment – I can still ‘see’ the whole thing in my mind.

6.  The only woman in the world I think I’m jealous of is my sister-in-law.  Which is really stupid because I have no reason to be jealous of my SIL, except that there is always that nagging feeling that she is closer to my TBear than I am because she’s known him longer…  Isn’t that dumb?  Don’t worry – I’ve identified the idiotic emotion and am currently working on exterminating it.    I like my SIL.  I’m glad my TBear is a good bro.  All is well.  No, really – I’m over it.

7.  Speaking of mindless instinctive emotional reactions – I am almost pathologically afraid of bees/wasps/hornets/yellow-jackets (mad‘s post reminded me of this one).  When I was like 18 months old, we (I guess me and my mom and my grandmother) were at the park and all of a sudden they heard me screaming.  Turns out I had been playing with a ground-nest of yellow-jackets and they had crawled all over me – then I must have done something to make one sting me and they did, I freaked out, and they all started on me.  I had some crazy number of bites (they bite, you know) and stings and had to be rushed to the hospital.  My grandmother says I was blue and had to be resuscitated, but I don’t know – I (thank the Lord!) don’t seem to have any serious allergy to stinging flying things, so at least all ended well.  Except for the crazy instinctive urge to run and flail whenever I see one.

*Edit: My mom says we were at a homecoming at some church on the Parkway.  She also says (as I assumed) that my grandmother exaggerates and that I did not, in fact, turn blue.  LOL.  Gotta love grandmas.

8.  I can remember almost anything I read, but when it comes to remembering movie quotes I am woefully inadequate.  I do the odd accent well, though – I’m a good mimic (which helped tremendously in my foreign language studies), I just don’t learn well from audible cues.  So I must content myself with quotes from the written word… (which all too few seem familiar with these days!)

Whew.  That was tougher than I thought.  I should inflict this upon others, but I don’t know if I have the necessary callous determination…  Eh, what the hey – Joodlebug, Ariel, JasaParadox – you’re IT.  (I’d do it to M, but maybe he doesn’t know me that well yet… LOL)  Sad – I can’t come up with 8 people I know well enough on Xanga to torture…


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