Posted by: thewoobdog | May 21, 2007


WOOHOOOOOOO!  The wedding is OVER!  And it went off without a hitch (um, the wedding did, anyway – more on the honeymoon later).  The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were great, etc, etc, etc.  I’d give more details, but frankly I’m just so glad it’s over that I’m ready to move on.  I know, it wasn’t about me, but still, for something SO not about me to affect my life, finances, time, and mental energy to the extent that this one did, I feel somewhat justified in my overall feeling of limp relief.  The dress looked good (I won’t say ‘great’, but good).  I had gotten a satin wrap to wear to cover my arms and shoulders during the reception (I am self-conscious about the way I look in spaghetti straps), and that ended up working great.  The other bridesmaids and the groom’s mom all at various points asked me where I had gotten it and said it looked really great and they wished they’d gotten one, so that was cool.  Helped alleviate the self-consciousness to some extent, anyway.  Plus, it made the dress look less like a bridesmaid’s dress and more like an evening-reception-appropriate dress.

Back to the wedding, albeit briefly:  I had an idiot moment during the rehearsal in which I thought, “Oh, crap, I have to walk down the aisle with one of the groomsmen – I wonder who it will be?  I wonder if he’ll be disappointed that he got me and not one of the size 2 bridesmaids?”  Then the moment of realization came that, duh, stupid, one of the groomsmen is your husband and there’s a pretty darn 100% chance you’ll be paired with him.  And chances are he probably won’t be disappointed he got you!  Duuuuh.  Captain Obvious swoops in and saves the day…

The bouquets were gorgeous and really pulled the whole color scheme together (we had all wondered at the wisdom of having the three bridesmaids’ dresses in pool blue – kind of a turquoise – and the MOH’s dress in azalea – kind of a deep fuschia pink), but the flowers were in varying shades of deep pinks that really made everything pop.  Amusingly enough, the best man matched the MOH, in a nice pink vest and tie.  LOL.  He pulled it off dashingly.  My hubby got to wear the pool blue vest and tie with his tux – he was so handsome!  (still is – every day!)

The only hitch in the ceremony was when a bee (thankfully NOT a hornet or wasp, which would have stung just out of sheer cussedness) flew onto the bride’s veil and then crawled all the way up in it.  The matron of honor and I could not get the thing out of the multiple layers of gauzy stuff (short of practically yanking it off her head or abruptly stopping the ceremony), so for the rest of the ceremony (this happened about a third of the way into it) we just watched the bee and prayed… and tried to make the groomsmen aware of the issue… (my part in all this was mostly that of holding the three bouquets – mine, bride’s, MOH’s – so the MOH had her hands free).  Thankfully, as the bride and groom were recessing (?) down the aisle (up the aisle?), one of the groomsmen leaped forward and stopped them and managed to de-bee the veil. 


The reception was great – MY HUSBAND DANCED WITH ME!  For the first time ever!    Happy smiles!  It was wonderful.  And he turned out to be a really good dancer – well, I mean, I thought so, although I’m not sure he believes me, since I really can’t dance.  No, really.  Can’t.  Dance.  Not that I am incapable or anything, I just don’t know how.  I was always either not picked to dance (at dances) or too self-conscious to get out there and dance alone or with my friends during the appropriate songs.  So it was wonderful to slow-dance with my husband and not have to worry about him dumping me if I stepped on him or did something stupid (neither of which things I did, probably because I wasn’t worried about it), or wonder if people were pointing and laughing (I hated highschool – adolescent jerks).  So I just got to enjoy dancing with my husband.   

And we had cake for the first time in a month.  Really good cake.  Three flavors of cake – strawberry, italian creme (has nuts and coconut in it), and mint chocolate.  Oh, yum.  YUM.  There was also lemon cake, but we just tasted a crumb of it.  I may have also had a piece of Dove chocolate and a handful of M&Ms.  Maybe.

Unfortunately for the bride and groom, they did not get to start their honeymoon as planned.  They were supposed to leave from the reception, drive to Charlotte (about three hours away, putting them at their hotel around 1:00 am), and fly out the next morning (Sunday) for Costa Rica (not a lot of wedding-night downtime, you know… we warned them about that… we stayed two nights at a hotel before flying out to Maui, just to have time to recoup before traveling, and we were SO glad we did – we were exhausted after our wedding).  Anyway, turns out his passport came (Friday!), but hers didn’t.  Still hasn’t.  So, needless to say, they’re not on their way to Costa Rica.  Hopefully hers will come today and they’ll fly out tomorrow, for a slightly abbreviated honeymoon…  At least they stayed in a very nice and luxurious honeymoon suite here locally for the last two nights, so they will have gotten some R&R and some quality time together before the frantic traveling starts.

As for me and my hubby, we are officially back on Atkins.  I must admit, I am getting somewhat frustrated – I haven’t really lost any more since the first week, and I’m doing everything according to the book (Phase I).  The only thing I haven’t been consistent on is the exercise, but now that the wedding (massive time-consumer that it was) is over, I’m buckling down and getting to it.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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