Posted by: thewoobdog | May 16, 2007

Wednesday Nothings

Okay, cross your fingers and pray, everybody.  We go to pick up my husband’s tux tomorrow afternoon (he’s a groomsman – it’s his sister getting married).  The wedding is Saturday.  He can’t pick up the tux until tomorrow after 2:00.  That’s like a 48-hour prewedding window in which to fix any issues that may arise with the tux.  And once again, the store is not local (although it’s a little closer than the one he had to go to last time – this one’s under an hour and a half away).  I hope it fits.  Otherwise I may turn into a whirling tornado of anger (to coin a Kicking and Screaming line).  Seriously – someone could get hurt.  And with my and my husband’s martial arts training, it probably won’t be one of us.

Yes, I have had one of those days today.  And I am actually thinking in short, staccato sentences.  Much like these.

A brief moment of silence for my dad’s fish – we got him a ghost pleco for his birthday (April 4), and it has passed away.  Sniff.  Through no fault of his own – he’s owned fish tanks as long as I can remember, and despite all necessary precautions, sometimes fish just… belly-up. 

I should mention that when I put the fish in the tank, I swore the dog ate him.  I never saw him exit the bag (he’d been acclimating in the bag in the tank for a bit, then I emptied him in and he was just GONE).  The dog was sitting next to the tank with a very satisfied expression on his face, and try as we might, we could not find the pleco in the tank!  I just knew he had somehow flipped out of the bag and been caught mid-air by the dog…  We eventually located him (several hours later when he still had not appeared) under the big rock in the center of the tank – he must have darted under there quick as lightning and suctioned himself on.  Being a ghost pleco, he had minor self-camouflaging abilities which turned out to be very effective…  RIP, little buddy.


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