Posted by: thewoobdog | May 14, 2007

The Dress

Yeah.  So about the dress I have to wear as a bridesmaid in the wedding – you know, the one I’ve been losing weight to look better in? – yeah.  When I tried it on in the store (BEFORE the weightloss!), it was a little snug, but the size bigger gaped open at the top and was far too loose.  So I ordered the slightly snug size – it zipped and would look quite good with the addition of a bit of a shaping undergarment.  Hmph.  I (idiotically) waited to try on the dress that arrived until Friday night, when I was appalled to discover that it wouldn’t even zip.  I’m not talking about not zipping a little bit – I’m talking, the zipper stopped moving about 6 inches before the top.  I even squeezed myself into the corset-thingy I wore under my wedding dress last year and it still wouldn’t even come close.

I think I scared my poor husband – I swear I almost had a breakdown in the kitchen, during which all he knew to do was pat me on the back and tell me it would be ok.  At any rate, I called on my mom the next morning to see what SHE thought (read the mothers’ day blog), and she pretty much gave it up as a lost cause once she saw it, while at the same time informing me that it would be very difficult to alter since it was fully lined.  Oh, great.  Just great.

With admittedly low hopes, I called the David’s Bridal store in Winston (a little less than two hours from where I live – how convenient), just to see if maybe – just maybe – they happened to have the dress in a larger size.  TADA!  Miracle of miracles – after feeding me the spiel about how I may have exceeded the time limit for exchanges (thanks, lady), the associate informed me that they did have the size and color I needed and that I could still exchange.  So, since my parents just happened to be going to Winston for the day, they exchanged it and all was bright in my world once again. 

I tried on the new dress, which fits beautifully, and my mother glared and said the other dress was cut at least two sizes smaller than what this new one (from the store) was.  Oddly, this happened to the maid of honor, as well – she tried the dress on, ordered it, and when it arrived (in the correct size, just as mine was), it was a size too small.  She, unfortunately, was not able to exchange her dress and is instead having to have it altered, as they told her that she would have to order hers in the next size up and they wouldn’t order it unless she paid for it AGAIN.  Or drove two hours to the store before closing that day so she could exchange it and they could order it.  At which point they still couldn’t swear it would be in by the wedding date.  And they don’t do refunds.  Do they purposely do this so that they make money in alterations?  I am curious.  David’s has flubbed it up on too many occasions to call it coincidence.

I remember two days before our wedding, my husband went to pick up his tux from David’s After Hours Formal Wear store.  Two hours away.  And no, he wasn’t procrastinating – that was the earliest they would LET him pick it up.  When he got there, the tux was completely the wrong size – jacket wouldn’t button and pants were 4 inches too short.  The saleslady accused him of gaining weight and thus causing the tux not to fit, since of course their measurements or ordering could not have been wrong, at which point the best man sarcastically noted that my husband must also have grown 4 inches taller since being measured.  They then had the gall to tell him he could come back the next day to pick up the altered tux.  Yeah.  Uh-huh.  Sure.  Let’s just add another 4 hour round trip the day before the wedding.  GREAT idea.  Needless to say, TBear stood up for his studly rights and demanded rush alterations that same day so his trip was not wasted.  All was well.

I won’t go into the other many, many FUBARs David’s made on my wedding and now my SIL’s wedding – including setting her up with a dress style for the bridesmaids that was then discontinued a couple of weeks later, which no one bothered to tell her until her bridesmaids were ordering (at which point they informed us that the dress was on clearance for $59.95, but that we couldn’t get it because it was discontinued.  So why was it on clearance if they didn’t sell it anymore and didn’t have any available?  I don’t know.).  Oh, right – and the shoes were discontinued, too.  And on clearance, of course.  <glare> 

I will never again consent to be in a wedding in which David’s Bridal has any part.  Never.  Ever.  Again.

Thank God (literally and truly) that everything actually has managed to work out, despite the best efforts of the store to submarine it.


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