Posted by: thewoobdog | May 4, 2007

Vive la Resistance!

I went to Southern States today to get nasturtium seeds (I still have ones from last year popping up – they’re like the easiest thing ever to grow, they’re edible, and they actually like poor soil.  Add to that the fact that they hate being transplanted and would just prefer that you plop them in the ground wherever you want them to grow, and voila! you have the perfect flower.  And they smell good and attract butterflies). 

While at SS, I decided (despite the drizzling gloom outside) to check out the plant offerings outside behind the store, and of course they had the most gorgeous herbs ever.  You have no idea how hard it was for me not to buy a trunk-full of plants…  They even had lavender.  I had visions of dropping fresh sprigs of lavender into my bath-water and soaking amid lavender-scented fumes (while the more callous and realistic part of my brain scoffed at the notion of ever a) successfully growing the lavender to planthood, b) actually having enough hot water to take a decent bath, and c) remembering to go outside before said mythical bath and cut fresh sprigs of lavender).  Anyway, I successfully departed with nothing but seed packets and a finch feeder (couldn’t resist – it was on sale and I’m tired of the silly thistle-socks that turn gross after a month), telling myself that it was raining and intended to continue raining all weekend and I couldn’t plant anything I bought and it would just sit sadly on my shed and expect me to water it all week until I could plant it (said watering occuring only after the rain stops, of course).  And why put that kind of pressure on myself?  So I left, plantless. 

While my recent blogs may have created a deceptive image of me as an uber-domestic gardening fool, in reality I have this spurt of aspiring green-thumb-edness about once a year, usually after winter when I get so excited at once again seeing things grow.  Unfortunately, what typically ends up happening is that I buy lots of plants, may or may not get them planted before my forgetting to water them kills them, then get overwhelmed at the thought of actually keeping all these lovely flowerbeds weeded, mulched, and watered…  Especially when the blasted deer insist on eating my blasted hostas.  Who even knew deer liked hostas?  I keep trying to convince my husband to go pee on all my flowers so the deer will stay away, but so far it hasn’t happened…  I would pee on my flowers if I had the ‘stand-and’pee’ capability, but I don’t, so I really don’t think it’s asking that much to have him use his God-given abilities to further the survival of our landscaping…

Anyway, my gardening tends to stray off-track as the summer progresses, much like my blogs.  But it’s always nice to enjoy this brief period of over-aspiring and dwell on the visions of beautiful landscaping that parade through my head…


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