Posted by: thewoobdog | April 25, 2007


Yeah.  So my husband and I were sitting on the steps at my parents’ house last night, minding our own business, when up comes Howie (their big hound dog – named after Howard Cosell, since apparently there’s a strong resemblance) and starts sniffing us and pawing at us.  Now, Howie is not uber-affectionate – he sleeps inside at night on his dog bed and occasionally wants to be rubbed around the jowls, but overall he is fairly aloof.  Howie only gets excited about food (and raccoons, which I think fall into the food category in his mind, so pretty much – food).  From the excitement in his eye*, I can only deduce that my husband and I smell like food.  I am concerned.  Apparently I am beginning to smell like meat.

If you see someone walking down the road trailing a parade of drooling dogs, stop and say hi – it’s probably me.

 *Howie only has the one eye.  Long story.  No, my parents are not bad abusive dog owners – the jerk who abandoned him on the bridge with a stick in his eye was a bad abusive dog owner, who is also presumably the jerk responsible for his initial terror of doors, loud noises, and hands.  My parents are the ones who found him, got him patched up, and taught him that people can be nice.  While I, apparently, taught him that people can smell like meat.


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